Our specialist welding services are available for you

If you need specialist welding services, then you really need look no further than The Welding Shop Ltd of Reading. We have a team of highly skilled personnel drawn from a wide range of industries, including welding and engineering, site fixing, steel erecting, joinery and building. We are fully experienced at bringing the best to our customers. Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

Giant tombola 2metres long x 1metre
wide in aluminium. Riveted and welded for a major event at London's O2.

This new glass entrance extension was installed at The Welsh Assembly in Cardiff. The Welding Shop secured the contract to carry out the weatherproofing between it and the main building. Always proud when we get work across the border in preference to local companies.

Galvanized steel access platforms on Canary Wharf rooftops. All manufactured in piece parts and assembled on site. One of eleven we installed complete. Happy days, and a great team.

This is a sassy lift ceiling refurb in a Leeds office block. Old lights and ceiling removed. New spot lights installed along with stainless steel and blue coloured steel ceiling panels.

Stylish stainless steel & glass balustrade manufactured & installed by The Welding Shop at The Great Northern Hospital, Islington, London