We provide specialist metal and steel fabrication services

Our services are always in demand. We are constantly called upon to manufacture metal work for the replacement of steel beams, ironwork and pipework, boilers and heat exchangers. We can also help with corroded structural metalwork, on-site steel vessel and boat repairs, and the refurbishment of gates, railings, door furniture and lifts. In short, if it's metallic, and it's broken, then we can fix it.

Contracted to carry out substantial alterations to several railway platform gantries.

Staircase and gantry, before works begin.
Metal fabrication services for you
Completion. Having raised the platform to accommodate a 2 metre landing extension.
Tower Hamlets.
Sexy stainless steel sells it again. Another London tower block ready for washroom refurbishment. All trades, metalwork, plumbing, marble, flooring and joinery. Fantastic project over 14 floors.

Removal of redundant high level pipework at the Imperial College with the Royal Albert Hall providing the backdrop

Rooftop gates upgraded and re-hinged; these gates are massively heavy and very wide to allow window cleaners kit through. We hand made the hinges from 5 inch x 3/4 inch flat plate. 8 sets of gates in total.